Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sewing an apron seems very 1950s housewife. Since I dislike any "holly homemaker" labels, I would like to clarify as to why I chose to make an apron (apart from my inability to make a skirt). Since I was a youngster camping with my father, I was taught that napkins were frivolous. Why dirty up a napkin when you have a perfectly good sleeve at all times? Upon returning to the civilized world my mom was horrified at my manners; however, I was delighted at the convenience.

At any rate, I cook a lot, which means a lot of food get spill, splattered and splashed onto me. Therefore an apron would be a practical first time sewing project. Plus, I would be at liberty to wipe my dirty hands all over my apron.

This lovely apron took me 3 days to make, over a 3 month span of hemming and hawing. My greatest challenge to sewing was fear of the sewing machine. Andy knows how to work both our machines better than I do, so I needed his help to set up. I can do most of it now, except winding a bobbin. But the set up was a big mental hurdle.

I worked on the pocket in one day and finished it. It's quite the intricate little pocket. Deciphering the instructions for the pocket were reminiscent of an 8th grade grad standard, which my dad had to finish for me. The sewing project almost came to a frustrated halt, Andy saved the day with his mastery of sewing-instruction interpretation.

Making a stay-stitch.

After the pocket struggle, the rest of the apron was relatively simple. I highly recommend an apron as a starter project. Sizing isn't that difficult and if it doesn't turn out well, at least it's something you'd only wear in your own house. Overall, I enjoyed my sewing experience. If I can get more confidence with setting up the machine myself then I could possibly get quite good. Though I would like some basic practice before branching out too much. Anyone else need an apron?

Tipper enjoying her position of Sew Master and supervising my slip-stitch.

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