Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitting Socks

Happy New Year! It's a bit late, but I'm starting this new year off on the right foot, with a new pair of socks. My knitting experience has been limited to hats and scarves so I thought it was time to branch out and make something different.

Socks have thus far been the most difficult thing I've knit. Everything went smooth from the cuff on down, and then... the heel. Heels of socks really hadn't made it on my radar of something to consider, until I tried to make one. Sometime, take a look at the heel of your sock. It's quite intricate.

After watching many YouTube videos, I attached the heel, flap, cup, gusset and all. It turned out to be quite a satisfying thing to make. It was tricky without being too difficult and discouraging. The way the stitches join and turn is wonderful, I'm amazed that I actually made it.

After admiring my heel for awhile, the rest of the sock was a breeze. Except that my ball of yarn was getting smaller and smaller. I worried I wouldn't have enough to finish. So my first sock ended up being a little shorter in the foot than preferable. I don't know how to undo it and make it longer, but it's not too bad. So I have one good fitting sock and one tighter, but wearable sock.

Yesterday I wore my new socks all day and they were nice and comfortable. I thought they may be a bit warm since they're made of wool, but they weren't too toasty at all. Even the short one wasn't noticeable.

My next knitting project is making fingerless gloves for myself, then I will tackle making my husband socks.

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  1. That's cool. Did you put elastic in the cuff?