Friday, January 7, 2011

Introduction and Proclamation

Welcome to Antique Modernism!

My name is Amanda and I am an explorer. This blog is a way to share my discoveries, illuminations, and information. I love food, creating and sharing with others. I will post about my recent activities such as cooking, beer brewing, knitting, and gardening.

Antique Modernism is a way of combining new and old to maintain tradition and utilize current technology. Mind you, Antique Modernism isn't always convenient. It's about taking joy in the effort of creation; appreciating the difficulty of getting the things we have and reaching the places we want to go. Antique Modernism is about embracing technology to maintain tradition (such as using a watering system in your organic garden that can detect moisture levels in the soil to activate soaker hoses connected to your rain barrel.) It's about not forgetting to past while we dive into the future. It's about savoring the old while discovering the new.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Amanda, Andy, and Tipper too! So glad I'm the first one to post to your wonderful blog. And for all those out there, those muffins are delish!
    I too am a scaredy cat when it comes to sewing. I've always let me momma handle all my sewing when I was a teen (yes she made my prom dress - it was a hit! The bf esp liked looking down the front of it haha). Anyway, I finally got a sewing machine after a couple of decades of using a alternations store for heming, etc. Never took it out of the box and finally sold it after a year. I am now regretting my cowardliness. Send me the pattern and I will make me one (of course it'll take me about a year or two doing it by hand but then again maybe it'll motivate me to learn how to use a machine!)
    I too like taking pics of the great outdoors and have created birdhouses out of cedar wood and am looking to create some out of goards this year. Got the directions, overanalized the fool thing over and over again, and am now ready to go! Now if only this winter weather would go away and let spring shine through, I'll be ready to go. After all, those birds ain't gonna house themselves now are they?