Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuffed Cranberry Orange Muffins

My supervisor at work has been asking me to make cranberry muffins ever since I brought in my first batch in July. For her birthday I decided it was time to give her what she wanted. This was an interesting recipe. I peeled and quartered and orange and then pureed it with boiling water. Seems strange, but it gave the liquid ingredients a nice frothy texture.

This muffin-making experience taught me the importance of reading through the whole recipe. I filled the 12 cups 1/2 full as the recipe instructed and there was a whole bunch of batter left. I was super excited, so I made 6 more muffins. There was still even more batter left and so I was going to make mini muffins! However, reading further I saw that the recipe said to fill cups 1/2 way, add the cream cheese and then fill the rest of the way. Oops! Instead of mini muffins I scraped the bottom of the bowl and managed to top off the muffins.

The thing about this recipe is that the liquid measure would vary based on the size of the orange. So you need to adjust the amount of flour accordingly. Those sort of challenges are the kinds of things I enjoy with baking.

Despite the blurry photo op, the Stuffed Cranberry Orange Muffins went quickly at work. Thankfully we saved a couple at home for Andy and I to enjoy.

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